We Keep Your Practice Efficient!

 Outsourcing for niche financial advisories and lifestyle practices. We help you do basic activities, tasks, and analysis in order to keep your lifestyle balanced and clientele happy. 

Each relationship is custom built with a team to help fit your needs. Reach out to get a custom quote below. 

Gig Wealthy’s Junior Advisor Program

Keeps Your Process Simple

Just provide our team with a seat for the technology platforms you need us to access to help move the needle for your team. We strive to “plug and play” to make life easy and reduce the changes to your systems to keep things simple and in your control.

Data Entry & Financial Plan Building

On-boarding of clients takes time, and our team of budding and experienced CFPs can help you scale your time. From data entry of the initial plan, basic strategies for you to review and implement, and providing you with the information and setup needed to then add your expertise with the client easily.

Investment Analysis & Research

Our team enjoys working on investments and reporting back to you on our findings. With a focus on your firm’s need, we will take care of the heavy lifting for you analysis and research needs.

Complete Confidentiality

Rest assured that your information and your clients’ information is held completely confidential. Since we do not engage with your client(s) we won’t hold any relationship value, however we do keep the information safety of our partners and their clients at the core of our engagements.

No Client Engagement

We strive to stay behind the scenes at all times. Our partners value their relationship roles and want to maintain that value with their clients and remain the face of their brands. To do this, we take care of time consuming financial planning and investment tasks so that you can focus on maximizing the value of your relationships as the face of your company.